The Good Dog team values ingenuity, nuance, and efficiency.

For over 25 years, we've designed and built projects with big dreams, broad visions, and full specifications. We've also been the team that can efficiently solve the sticky problems with new approaches, new technology, or just plain elbow grease.

We're hard-working, but we're always looking for short-cuts. We use the latest approaches and technology, but never at the expense of the tried and true. Our roots are in design, and we're always looking for better, more straightforward ways to make things work.

We're the real deal, we're Good Dog.

Our Team

Good Dog's strength is in its people. Smart, creative and highly skilled, our team can handle almost any problem tossed their way. The Good Dog crew is made up of three main principals and a team of designers and developers whose combined talents keep us sharp and able.

  • Henry Gooden


    Henry Gooden is a co-principal of Good Dog. He serves as the development director and a digital consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in the digital environment. Henry specialises in digital strategy and creating custom solutions to the stickiest of problems.

  • Tom Gooden


    Tom Gooden is the founder and co-principal of Good Dog. He serves as creative director and senior project manager. Tom has the capability to blend a creative, strategic vision with a grounded development environment, resulting in a process that is innovative and rigorous.

  • Laura Foley


    Laura Foley is a co-principal of Good Dog Design. She works as an art director and senior project manager on the firm’s wide range of projects. Laura focuses on the user experience in each project, so that creative ideas are realized in both inspiring and accessible ways.

  • Kristin Baylis

    Part of the Good Dog team since 2005, Kristin is an experienced and versatile UI/UX designer; this allows her to swap between UI and UX roles seamlessly in different projects where needed, for both mobile and web. Kristin has a keen eye for design and layout, ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product, whilst creating a rich user experience that provides a delightful flow for users. Every now and then when set with a graphic design task, Kristin flexes her print skill set with relish.

  • Dotty Dog

    James Brooks


    James Brooks is a senior software engineer at Good Dog Design with an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Adelaide. His experience includes over fifteen years of developing full-stack web applications using Ruby on Rails, React and over twelve years of developing SAAS and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. James enjoys often playing around with new technologies, helping him find the right fit for every project that comes across his desk.

  • Alicia Chastain

    A user experience designer who applies creative problem-solving skills to create projects that empower people. Alicia has helped Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits develop apps from the people using them, not those making them. She is an expert in synthesizing requirements to create easy-to-use products.

    See more about Alicia at her site:

  • Laurie Chu

    Project Management

    Laurie serves as a project manager, striving to get the best out of the people and projects she works on. She enjoys stepping in during all parts of a project workflow — from client care to content management to front end development.

  • Dotty Dog

    Chris Gooley


    Chris Gooley is a lead developer with a suite of skills and a specialty in Ruby on Rails. An experienced developer with over fifteen years of experience, Chris has a wide range of skills encompassing various languages and frameworks as well as dev-ops and server management.

  • Wesley Huang


    Wesley is a former video editor turned web developer, working on the front-end of numerous projects at Good Dog, bringing his creative roots to the digital technology space. His primary focus is in Javascript and other web technologies. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Wesley worked as a freelance video editor in Los Angeles creating wedding films and corporate promotional videos for Microsoft's Xbox.

  • Ker Soon Kang


    An international student from Malaysia, he has graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelors of Software Engineering (Honours). Kang has led Good Dog's charge into Robotic Process Automation and has a suite of skills including Rails and React. Prior to Good Dog, Kang has worked as a research assistant for the University of South Australia, producing a mixed reality application to aid the study of Post Traumatic Stress. Outside work, Kang spends his time painting miniatures and busts for commission, baking, and participating in game jam

  • Scott Lamacraft


    Scott Lamacraft has seven years of experience in a wide range of languages and has completed several projects in Ruby on Rails, which is his current specialty at Good Dog Design. Scott's well developed analytical skills enable him to rapidly come to grips with any new coding challenge he tackles. Away from Good Dog, Scott enjoys gaming and Magic the Gathering.

  • Dotty Dog

    Damien Mason


    Damien Mason has been with Good Dog Design for over fifteen years and acts as both a designer and front-end developer. Damien has a wealth of skills and abilities backed up by over a decade of experience in the digital field. Damien has a fine eye for detail and an equally disciplined work ethic.

  • Jessica Poulin

    Consultant, Strategist, Optimizer, Coach, Interpreter, Entrepreneur, and Website Guru. Jessica has always been curious about the small changes that make marketing more effective, and motivate people to action. Rooted in data, Jessica's analysis, strategy, and guidance has led organizations, corporations, and solopreneurs to launch better websites.

    Read more about Jessica's work at her site:

  • Susie Shaw

    An integral part of the Good Dog Design team, Susie Shaw works as a senior project manager, UX consultant, and strategic content designer. Susie focuses on the details in each project, ensuring on-time and high-quality project deliverables. Before working at Good Dog Design, Susie worked as a project manager and content developer in online education. Susie received an Ed.M. from Harvard University and a BA from Bates College.

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