Why Good Dog?

Why would you choose our agency? We've been based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Adelaide, Australia for over 25 years and have provided world-class design and product development to respected brands, companies, ambitious startups, and non-profits. Our US office is based in downtown Mill Valley, in southern Marin; our Australian branch just minutes from Adelaide's CBD.

  • UI/UX Design + Consulting

  • Custom Software Development

  • Full-Service Website Design and Management

  • Full-Service Maintenance and Support

  • Complete Project Management

What do our clients say?

We have established and maintained successful working relationships with Fortune 500 companies, major consumer brands, startups, and non-profits. One of the core principals is customer satisfaction, we work tirelessly to design and build the best result possible, but we don't stop there. Our tireless creativity and curiosity mean we'll always keep identifying new and better ways to solve problems. Some of our clients have been working with us for over 15+ years; others have just joined us. We often hear that we differ from other creative agencies in some key ways:

  • We're responsive and listen

  • Our team is friendly, approachable, and work hard to address their needs efficiently

  • Clients like working directly with principals, developers, and designers

  • They like our project management approach

  • They find our office dog slovenly

How can we help your project?

Expert UI / UX Design

Good Dog is a full-service digital agency and offers a complete range of in-house services to create a successful website, web, or mobile app. We excel and early project definition and concept development. Our dedicated UI / UX design team dive in deep to understand your unique challenges and then work closely with your team to develop a bespoke graphic design to create a successful product. Our team provides targeted user experience for each project and ongoing UX consulting for B2C and B2B projects.

  • Prototype and early-stage proof of concepts

  • User research and needs assessment

  • Complete UX UI design

  • Express brand strategy and with a branded visual identity

  • Work with marketing teams to weave project into overall digital strategy

Learn more about our UX consulting approach.

Experienced Custom Software Development

Our team of experienced full-stack developers works tirelessly to build custom solutions using a mix of cutting edge tools alongside time tested technologies. We pride ourselves on having some of the brightest and reliable developers ever seen. The core team all majored in computer science and have a passion for world-class development practices. Most importantly, they work directly with our clients to learn and listen.

  • Dedicated, in-house team with rich full-stack experience

  • Up-to-date practices on trusted platforms

  • A vast portfolio of Digital products

  • Focused mobile app development

Get scoop on our the development capabilities.

Full-Service Maintenance and Support

No matter how talented or experienced the team is, the project will flounder without excellent management. Our dedicated team of project managers is multi-talented and will make the full process easy and enjoyable. Each manager is easily accessible, and frankly, a joy to work with. We'll make the process easy and enjoyable.

We have a passion for good design and modern development practices. Our dedicated, full-service team is just the right mix of designers, developers, and managers. Our experience will help you navigate through the design process, and our curiosity about your business will lead to thoughtful solutions for your communication challenges and customer needs. We'll solve your current needs while anticipating your customers’ evolving expectations.

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