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Universal Reservation + Ticketing Mobile App

Deep UX consulting and a collaborative development team lead to a unified booking app experience.

We didn't just work alongside our client—we became an integral part of their team. Through immersive UX consulting and leveraging the strengths of our experienced team, we crafted more than just a solution; we created a unified booking app experience that is seamless and intuitive. By stepping back and examining the existing flows of each ferrying service, we identified common approaches and workflows. Our goal was to intertwine these diverse processes into one cohesive application, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fit perfectly together, enhancing both functionality and user satisfaction.

Elevating SeaLink's Booking Experience Through Comprehensive UX and Collaborative Development

UX Consulting + Deliverables:

  • UX consulting to develop a unified booking experience on desktop and mobile app
  • User research, prototyping, testing
  • Designed and built an extended global brand platform for future operations

Mobile Development

  • Cross-platform app development
  • Integrated with Kelsian's internal development team to setup, build, test and deployment of the app
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Elevating SeaLink's Booking Experience Through Comprehensive UX
At Good Dog, we pride ourselves on delivering transformative digital solutions that address our clients' most pressing challenges. When SeaLink came to us seeking a unified booking experience, we leveraged our full suite of capabilities to craft a seamless, future-ready platform. The project began with a robust mapping exercise of all the individual services, their unique workflows and a road map to unification.

Empowering Seamless UX Through Rigorous Insights
Our UX consulting team dove deep into understanding SeaLink's customers and their pain points. Through comprehensive user research, we uncovered key friction points in the existing booking flows, both on desktop and mobile. Armed with these insights, we rapidly prototyped and rigorously tested innovative solutions, ensuring a truly optimized experience.

Blending UX and Development for a Cohesive Solution
With the UX strategy in place, our in-house development team worked hand-in-hand with Kelsian's internal engineers to bring the vision to life. We integrated our cross-platform mobile app expertise, collaborating closely to set up, build, test, and deploy the final application. This collaborative approach enabled us to deliver a cohesive solution that elegantly addressed SeaLink's needs.

Laying the Groundwork for Future Growth
Beyond the immediate booking experience, we designed and developed an extensible global brand platform for SeaLink. This future-proof infrastructure empowers the company to quickly adapt and scale its digital offerings as its business evolves.

By blending our user-centric UX consulting and our agile development prowess, Good Dog empowered SeaLink to deliver a truly exceptional booking experience for their customers. This collaborative partnership has set the foundation for continued innovation and growth.

Project Information

We utilized a range of services and skills for this project to create a successful outcome.

Strategy & Consulting
Competitive Review, Feature Development, Technical Audit, Technical Discovery, Strategy and Consulting
UI/UX Design
UX Design, Visual Design, UI Design, User Research
Rails App, React Native, iOS / Android Application

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