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Founded by agents who understand the struggle for consistent real-time information and communication in real estate, myTheo connects clients and agents directly and creates a sense of community between agents. The myTheo platform is a robust application serving mobile and desktop users.

What we were facing

The Real estate digital world has many variable data feeds and vastly different environments, but we needed to provide a single simple and intuitive application agents and brokers would love.

How we started

Working alongside the myTheo team, we developed a robust prototype in Invision that allowed a fully scaled realistic approach for immediate user feedback and reviews. This process permitted issues and bottlenecks to be caught well before code even began in earnest.

Everyone loves a strong backbone

Good Dog built a custom JSON API and Ruby on Rails admin that serves as the application's backbone. Utilizing eight multiple listing services from across California, the API can handle and distribute hundreds of thousands of properties, tens of thousands of agents, millions of photos, and untold terabytes of associated data. This information is then handled elegantly via the API and processed; it's then ready for delivery to agents and their clients across California. The API allows for automated integration with both web and iOS applications.

Rapid development across all screens

The Good Dog team then custom-built the native iOS myTheo App, which allows agents and clients seamless access to dynamic real estate data from the definitive source - accurate, complete, and updated every 15 minutes on iPhone and iPad. The application has a vast suite of custom-made functionality, including in-app communications, custom routing property tours with turn-by-turn driving instructions, saved searches with automated alerts, automated Broker Tours, and much more. These features seamlessly work across the web, desktop, and mobile devices; incredibly, the Good Dog team developed the whole app from scratch in just six months.

From complexity to growth

The core application is incredibly robust and designed to be incredibly flexible to handle the diverse requirements of the variability between MLS feeds and the rapid growth of myTheo into new markets.

Your brilliant idea brought to life

Working side by side with your team, our Senior Developers and Designers provide experience and a steady hand moving your project from concept to MVP to world domination. From new functionality and feature sets in an existing application to an entirely new idea that needs building from the ground up, our team has the skill sets and experience to make the process enjoyable! Ruby on Rails is in our DNA, but we have a broad suite of tools, including React, to ensure the best match for your needs.

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