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Redefining orthodontic practice with the most advanced treatment support.

OrthoScience is elevating the specialty of orthodontics. Good Dog Design designed and developed a custom application to present structured patient case data in an innovative and engaging platform. OrthoScience’s mission is the creations of a worldwide network of clinicians and their validated treatment data — a platform where doctors will be able to learn, discover, and share new techniques and appliances in the OrthoScience journey to deliver high-quality care.

A dedicated team looking to shake up in their industry

Founded by orthodontists, for orthodontists, OrthoScience is focused on targeted solutions for their profession and not being driven by software engineers. Their team comprises clinicians in the trenches, who face the daily challenges of providing the best treat meant support possible.

What we were facing
OrthoScience had some ambitious goals when the team first came to us. The core team's mission was clear, but there were no designs to describe the vision. Additionally, there wasn’t any structured data or technical means to start collecting and analyzing the cases' information.

How we started
Based on our work with early-stage startups, we knew a successful demo was a critical component of telling the story and setting up the companies tracery. We initially designed and developed a native prototype that visually broke through the existing clutter of the current industry software experience. This prototype captured the project's essence and led to industry interest, but more importantly: the prototype was crucial to leading the company to be fully funded.

After OrthoScience secured funding, we began a complete UI/UX design and development project to define the custom software. The application started to coalesce around a few key features: Case Cards, Case Timelines, and Doctor Profiles. Each section and feature went through many rounds of revisions to carefully describe typical use cases and projected workflows. We were making a brand new structure for clinicians to analyze, compare, and comment on actual case data - an industry first.

Making it real
All the slick visuals and detailed workflows are just vaporware without a great development team. At Good Dog, our in-house development team got to work and built a custom JSON API and Ruby on Rails admin that serves as the application's foundation. The fully customized case management admin enabled the to capture structured data from real cases. The system enabled seamless integration of 3D visualizations and 2D scans into the case timeline.

Rapid development practices lead the entire app development in a fraction of larger agencies' time. Our full-service team led the team through each of the milestones and helped the full staff solve problems and get the project populated each step of the way.

Bringing ideas to life
Working side by side with your team, our Senior Developers and Designers provide experience and a steady hand moving your project from concept to MVP to world domination. From new functionality and feature sets in an existing application to an entirely new idea that needs building from the ground up, our team has the skill sets and experience to make the process enjoyable! Ruby on Rails is in our DNA, but we have a broad suite of tools, including React, to ensure the best match for your needs.

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We utilized a range of services and skills for this project to create a successful outcome.

Strategy & Consulting
Feature Development, Proof of Concept (POC), Techical Discovery, Strategy and Consulting, Document Features and User Flows
UI/UX Design
UX Design, Visual Design, UI Design
Custom Software Development, Rails App, React, Custom Data Strategy and Management, Strategic Technical Consulting, Proof of Concept, Prototyping, Web Application, 3D Visualization

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