S.C. Pannell Wines Online Store

Creating a site to reflect S.C. Pannell's sense of place and way of life.

Australia's premiere boutique winery.

S.C. Pannell required a new design to allow for customers from across their family of wines to easily and elegantly buy this highly sought after Australian esteemed label. Working with the SCP team we created a single location to easily find and filter wine from their family of labels.

The new site brings in a family of wines from the Pannell Enoteca brand and allows for users to come through a multiple of potential linking sites. The store has been designed for quick and simple cart selections and lets the staff create specialised landing pages for Instagram and Facebook posts.

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Project Information

We utilized a range of services and skills for this project to create a successful outcome.

Strategy & Consulting
Competitive Review, Feature Development, Strategy and Consulting
UI/UX Design
UX Design, Visual Design, UI Design, User Research
Strategic Technical Consulting, WooCommerce, WordPress

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